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Mother Nature is unpredictable. That's why preparation is key when planning a hike. Find what you need to hit the trails at 37 North. We have a wide selection of outdoor clothing designed for you to brave the elements.

Shop hiking clothes at our shop in Newaygo, MI today.

Dress like you own the great outdoors

Dress like you own the great outdoors

Don't venture off without the proper hiking clothes. Fill your bag with outdoor clothing from well-known brands, like:

Darn Tough
Stormy Kromer
Life is Good
Farm to Feet
Dakota Grizzly
Everest Designs

You can bet that our outdoor clothes are strong enough to withstand rain, snow or heat-while keeping you stylish.

Our outdoor store is conveniently located in Newaygo, MI. Stop by today to see what we have in stock.